Maya Generalist
• Modeling hard surface

• Lighting for environments, product placement and digital props

• Texture Work using Photoshop, Substance Painter and Illustrator

• Surfacing using Arnold Shaders

• Animation hard surface and procedural- driven keys

• Rigging  Creature (Insect), Automotive, and Character

Adobe After Effects
Render Layers compositing for photo-real

• Text Animation

Motion Graphics

Tracking PF Track
Footage Tracking for 3D integration 

• Object Tracking

Unity Asset Creation Artist
• Character Rigging in Maya

• Lighting for environments and Lightmap baking with Progressive mapper

• Effects creation and animation using Photoshop and Shuriken particle system

• Mechanim State machine animation click throughs

• Texture Creation using Substance painter

• Vuforia Target and camera tracking set up

Seattle, Washington